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Long time, no post :)

I’ve been checking here pretty randomly since I’ve been gone, and all I can think each time I log in is how much I miss being a part of this community! I made so many wonderful friends and met some truly lovely, kind people. I keep thinking I’ll have time to come back and actually load up my game some, but then I remember all the things I have going on and should spend my time on instead. Ick.

Maybe soon.


I’ve been more active on my personal tumblr lately (that I newly created) because it requires a lot less attention to maintain and it’s all I really have time for. :(

Anyone interested in following or just want the url, I’d be happy to give it. Just send me a message or whatever.. I’m just not interested in posting it publicly for everyone.


stonedsims replied to your post: “I miss being a simblr :(”:
We’ll be here waiting on you! ;) We’re not going anywhere..

Aww, thank you! That makes me feel better about needing to be gone so much :)

I miss being a simblr :(

but I’m so damn busy with other shit going on. ugh. need more time please.

I’m still here~

I’m not back yet, but I wanted to check in. :) I hope all you lovelies are doing okay. <3

Thank you!

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone for your kind words and well wishes for my dog’s surgery. She had it today and all went well! They removed the mammary cancer and spayed her because false pregnancies were the cause of the cancer. She’s home now, knocked out and getting plenty of rest. :) Again, thank you all so much for the replies, comments, and messages. It meant a lot to see.

Anonymous asked: "Do you use a story progression? If So, what?"

Yes, I use this story progression mod.